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Mohammad Arbaaz Khan is no less than a celebrity in today's world of YouTube, having achieved great success and recognition. In the past, he worked as a sweeper and a waiter, but now people line up to take selfies with him. He has become a brand on social media, with more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and around 800,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel "Arbaaz Vlogs." He also has another YouTube channel that has over one million subscribers and holds a special place in the hearts of its viewers.

His story is inspiring and has the power to move people. Arbaaz, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, faced numerous challenges but set his mind on achieving success. After the death of his father, he took up the responsibility of the family at a young age and moved to Delhi in 2015.
In Delhi, he struggled to find work and initially worked as a waiter in a hotel. He then got a job in a call center, but he didn't like selling insurance through false means. Arbaaz decided to pursue his passion and started making YouTube videos. Initially, he didn't receive much response, and he lost his job at the call center. But fate took a turn when one of his unemployment-related videos went viral, and millions of people watched it.

Since then, Arbaaz's life has changed, and he has become a well-known face in the world of YouTube. He has traveled to 12 countries and his videos on "Arbaaz Vlogs" offer valuable information about historical places and various interesting facts from around the world. His dedication to providing quality content and educating his viewers sets him apart from other Indian YouTubers who often waste time on daily life content.
In essence, Arbaaz Khan has turned his life around with hard work, determination, and a passion for creating meaningful content on YouTube. His success story continues to inspire others to strive for their goals and dreams, regardless of their background or circumstances.


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Frequently Asked Questions

YouTube income enough to make it a profession?

Naturally, YouTube pays handsomely if your channel is able to increase its popularity and organic growth.

What is your income source

I make money by running YouTube advertisements, promoting brands, doing affiliate marketing, etc.

How to start vlogging?

You can start vlogging from a phone camera. You just need planning and confidence.

How to plan for trips

Trips planning is somewhere depending on your budget.

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